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Conference field trip guides

"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks"
GSNZ wants to maintain a strong, and safe, fieldtrip culture in New Zealand.

Field safety guidelines

With the increased emphasis on Health and Safety, GSNZ has developed fieldtrip safety guidelines. These are primarily for use on its official conference fieldtrips but can also be used by branches.

Download version 3.0 (pdf format)
Download version 3.0 (doc format)
Roadside stops appendix (pdf format)


Since 2002 GSNZ fieldguides have been converted to pdf format and are posted below for ready reference. Such guides often contain useful syntheses of information that may not be published elsewhere. Proper citation is encouraged and, where appropriate, users should contact the authors for permission to cite material.

It is the responsibility of individuals to familiarise themselves with hazards and safety requirements on any fieldtrip, and also to obtain appropriate permission to enter property (possession of a guide confers no privilege or exemption).

Napier Conference, 2018. GSNZ Misc Pub 151B





FT1: Subduction to subduction:100 million years on the eastern margin of Zealandia.Crampton, J. et al3 days
2.3Mb pdf

FT2: White Island

Scott B. & Massiot C.
1 day

2.4Mb pdf

FT4: Hawke's Bay Monocline and Forearc Basin.

Kamp P.

1 day2.3Mb pdf
FT5: Structural styles and deformation fabrics of an emergent accretionary ridge, Hikurangi margin, southern Hawke's Bay
Pettinga J. & Boulton C.
1 day
2.3Mb pdf
FT6: Jurassic sequences of the North Island
Campbell H. et al.
7 days
4.6Mb pdf

Auckland Conference, 2017. GSNZ Misc Pub 147B





FT3: Guidebook for Rangitoto Island Field Trip, Auckland

D.J Lowe et al.
1 day

4.4Mb pdf

FT6: Fossil highlights of Auckland

B.W. Hayward & I. Geary

2 days5.4Mb pdf
FT7: Broken Hills District Epithermal Au-Ag Mineralisation
L. Carson & J.Rowland
1 day
3Mb pdf

Wanaka Conference, 2016. GSNZ Misc Pub 145B





FT1: Tectonics of the Pacific‐Australian Plate Boundary.

V. Toy et al.
4 days

Pt1a 6.1Mb pdf

Part1b 4.1Mb pdf

FT3: Fossils and Strata of Central and North Otago, Waitaki Valley.

R.E. Fordyce & M.D.Richards

2 days2.5Mb pdf
FT4:Waipiata Volcanics, Otago, New Zealand.
J.D.L. White, K. Németh, E. Giacalone
1 day
7.7Mb pdf
FT 5: Central Otago Schist and Scenery.
N. Mortimer 1 day2.7Mb pdf
FT7: Sedimentology and Ichnology of the Late
Cretaceous Whakapohai Formation, South Westland Basin.

J.K. Lindqvist 1 day

4.8Mb pdf

FT8: Paleobotany and Sedimentology of Central Otago nd Southland.
D.E. Lee 3 days
6.7Mb pdf
FT9: Faults, Landslides, Precarious Rocks and Dam.
M. Stirling, D.J.A. Barrell, R. van Dissen 1 day
2Mb pdf

Wellington Conference, 2015. GSNZ Misc Pub 143B





FT1: Following in Cotton's footsteps (tyre tracks): Origin and evolution of the Wellington K Surface by mountain bike.

C. Watson & K. Norton
1 day
3Mb pdf
FT2: Wellington Rocks: An introduction to Wellington geology and landscape.

C. Atkins & D. Carroll

1 day4.5Mb pdf
FT3: Late Quaternary tectonic deformation at the southern end of the Wairarapa Fault system.
T. Little, R. Van Dissen, D. Ninis, N. Litchfield
1 day
3.8Mb pdf
FT 4: Paleogene Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironment of the Tora Coast.
B. Hines
1 day7.1Mb pdf
FT5: Pleistocene cyclic stratigraphy, South Wairarapa,
New Zealand.

C. Atkins & K. Collins 1 day
3.5Mb pdf

New Plymouth Conference, 2014. GSNZ Misc Pub 139B





FT3: Coast: Stony River to Motunui.

V.E. Neall

1 day

613Kb pdf

FT5:From summit to swamp: high and low explosive eruptive records at Mt Taranaki.

R. Torres-Orozco, M. Damaschke, M., A. Palmer

1 day

2Mb pdf

FT6: Late Neogene normal fault architecture and tectonic history along the north Taranaki coast.
A. Nicol
1 day

3.6Mb pdf

Christchurch Conference, 2013 Field trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 136B





1: Jim Cole Field Symposium: Taupo Volcanic Zone.

Kennedy, B., Turnbull, R., Ashwell, P., Cole, J., Gravley, D., Hampton, S. & Leonard, G.

3 days

4Mb pdf

2: Earthquake Engineering Geology:
Port Hills and Christchurch City.

Bell, D., Brehaut, J. & Hemmingsen, M.1 day
5.2Mb pdf

3: Earthquake Impacts on Soft Sediments in Eastern Christchurch.

Bastin, S., Reid, C., Quigley, M. & Bassett, K.
1 day
3.4Mb pdf

6: Geomorphology, Structure and Interactions of the Canterbury Active Fault Network.

Duffy, B., Pettinga, J., & Campbell, J.
 1 day
5.3Mb pdf

8: The Mesozoic Accretionary Orogen of

Mortimer, N. & Campbell, H.
7 days
3.9Mb pdf

9: Cretaceous–Paleogene Stratigraphy
of North‐Eastern South Island: North Canterbury, Kaikoura, South‐Eastern Marlborough.

Hollis, C., Crampton, J., Morgans, H. & Reid, C.3 days
7.6Mb pdf

Hamilton Conference, 2012 Field trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 134B






Field Trip Guides (all included in a single file).

Pittari, A. (compiler).

51Mb pdf

1. C3 - Cenozoic Carbonates and Caves. 47p.

Nelson, C.S. and Hendy, C.H.

1 day

2. Where Geology Meets Pedology: Late Quaternary Tephras, Loess, and Paleosols in the Mamaku Plateau and Lake Rerewhakaaitu Areas. 45p.

Lowe, D.J., Lanigan, K.M., Palmer, D.J.1 day

3. Oligocene-Miocene sedimentary record,
eastern Taranaki Basin margin. 63p.

Nelson, C.S. and Kamp, P.J.J.
2 days

4. Where Subduction Meets Intraplate Activity. 14p.

Briggs, R.M., Pittari, A.
1 day

6. Geothermal Exploration and Development.19p.

Rae, A.J. and Bignall, G.
1 day

9. Huntly Coal, Power Station and the Wandering Waikato River. 10p.

Vicki Moon
1 day

Nelson Conference, 2011 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 130B





1. "Wairau Fault Late Quaternary displacements and paleoearthquakes."

Nicol, A., Langridge, R., Van Dissen, R.

1 day

7.6 Mb pdf

2. “The Magnificent Marlborough Schist."

Mortimer, N.

1 day

5.2 Mb pdf

3. Dun Mountain."

Rattenbury, M.S., Johnston, M.R.

1 day

5 Mb pdf

4. Roding River ("Nelson Mineral Belt") copper mineralisation and Dun Mountain-Maitai terrane stratigraphy."

Johnston, M. R.

1 day

6.4 Mb pdf

5. "Geology and History of the Nelson Boulder Bank." Dickinson, W., Hartstein, N., Warren, K. 1 day
5 Mb pdf
6. "The elusive Permian-Triassic boundary." Campbell, H.J.
1 day
5.5 Mb pdf
7. "Waimea - Flaxmore Fault System and Geohazards in Nelson." Wopereis, P.
1 day
5.8 Mb pdf
Post conference: "Stratigraphic and Paleontologic highlights of NW Nelson; a day in the Paleozoic, a day in the Mesozoic, and a day in the Cenozoic." Browne, G.H.; Cooper, R.A.; Arnot, M.J.
1 day
6 Mb pdf

Auckland Conference, 2010 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 129B





2. “The Puketoka Formation and the age of the Hauraki Graben.”

Bruce Hayward, Hugh Grenfell

1 day

677kb pdf

3. “Rangitoto re-visited: new insights to an old friend.”

Jan Lindsay, Andrew Needham, Lucy McGee, Tracy Howe.

1 day

2.8Mb pdf

4. “Styles of phreatomagmatism recorded in the pyroclastic successions of Auckland’s maars and tuff rings.”

Károly Németh, Lucy McGee

1 day

4.3Mb pdf

6. Northland, New Zealand: Onset of a new subduction regime.”

Bernhard Spörli, Dan Hikuroa

5 day

3.7Mb pdf

Oamaru Conference, 2009 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 128B





1. "Gold in Central Otago".

Dave Craw

1 day

7.9Mb pdf

2. "Faults, fractures and fluid flow in basement assemblages."

Virginia Toy, Rick Sibson, Nick Mortimer

1 day

7.9Mb pdf

3. "Coastal Otago - Weston to Kakanui and Oamaru."

Daphne Lee

1 day

6.2Mb pdf

4. "The Waihemo Fault System, North Otago."

Claudine Curran, Richard Norris

1 day

6.2Mb pdf

5.  "Waiareka-Deborah Volcanics - volcanoes of the Paleogene shelf."

James White & Simone Hicks

2 day

4.3Mb pdf

6. "Aviemore - a dam of two halves."D.J.A. Barrell, S.A.L. Read, R.J. Van Dissen, D.F. Macfarlane, J. Walker, U. Rieser 1 day
4.3Mb pdf
7. Field Trip 7 "Vanished World."
 Ewan Fordyce 1 day
7.1Mb pdf
8. Field Trip 8 "Victorian Oamaru."
 Scott Elliffe -7.1Mb pdf
9. "Miocene phreatomagmatic monogenetic volcanism of the Waipiata Volcanic Field, Otago, New Zealand."
 Karoly Nemeth & James White 1 day

7.1Mb pdf

10. "West Coast student trip."
 D. Jugum, D., R.J. Norris, A.F. Cooper, V.G. Toy 4 days11.3Mb pdf
11. "Waitaki/Canterbury Basin."
 Ewan Fordyce 2 days
11.3Mb pdf
12. "Paleobotany, palynology and sedimentology of Late Cretaceous – Miocene sequences in Otago and Southland."
 Daphne Lee, Jon Lindqvist, Dallas Mildenhall, Jennifer Bannister, Uwe Kaulfuss 3 days
5.1Mb pdf
13. "Deepest Fiordland."
Mo Turnbull8 days5.1Mb pdf

Wellington Conference, 2008 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 124B





Wellington conference fieldtrip guides.

Compiled by Timothy Little


1.3MB pdf

1. Wellington Fault: Neotectonics and Earthquake. Geology of the Wellington-Hutt Valley Segment.

John Begg et al.

1 day

7.5MB pdf

2. Beach Geology and Geomorphology at Turakirae Head, Wellington.

Mauri McSaveney & David Kennedy

1 day

576KB pdf

5. Southern Wairarapa Fault and Wharekauhau Thrust (Palliser Bay.

Timothy Little et al.

1 day

6.4MB pdf

7. Wanganui: Sea Level Cycles, Tephras and Terraces in the Late Cenozoic.

Warren Dickenson et al.

2 day

3MB pdf

Tauranga Conference, 2007 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 123B





2. Earthquakes and eruptions at Okataina Volcanic Centre.

Pilar Villamor, Ian Nairn and Hannu Seebeck

1 day Rotorua

1.7MB pdf

3. An introduction to sunny Matata and its great debris flows.

Mauri McSaveney

1 day Matata

1.4MB pdf

5. Coastal hazards of the Bay of Plenty.

Willem de Lange

1 day Bay of Plenty

125kB pdf

6. The geology of Mayor Island (Tuhua): A brief introduction.

Colin Wilson & David Milner

1 day Mayor Island

2.5MB pdf

7. White Island tour: Products and processes of recent activity.

Brad Scott and Michael Rosenberg

1 day White Island

1.2MB pdf

Massey Conference, 2006 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 122B





1. The Late Quaternary geomorphology of the Manawatu coastal plain.

Craig Sloss

1 day Manawatu

386kB pdf

2. The Late Castlecliffian and Early Haweran stratigraphy of the Manawatu and Rangitikei Districts.
Alan Palmer, John Begg, Dougal Townsend and Kate Wilson. 1 day
284kB pdf

3. Landslide and slope instability hazards affecting Paekakariki, the SH1 Coastal Highway, and proposed Transmission Gully Motorway

Graham Hancox and Nick Perrin

1 day Paekakariki

679kB pdf

5.Mt Taranaki

Bob Stewart, Jonathan Procter and Anke Zernack

2 days Taranaki

615kB pdf

Kaikoura Conference, 2005 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 119B





1. Cretaceous-Paleogene Stratigraphy, Eastern Marlborough

C Hollis, P Strong, M Laird, J Crampton

3 days Picton-Kaikoura, 7 stops

2.3MB pdf

2 & 9. Conway Fan Delta Terraces and Uplift of Hawkeswood Range

T McConnico, K Bassett

1-2 days Chch-Kaikoura rtn, 6-9 stops

980kB pdf

3 &10. Structure, Stratigraphy, Active Tectonics of Inland North Canterbury

J Campbell, J Bradshaw, J Pettinga, P Tonkin

1-2 days Chch-Kaikoura rtn, route guide plus a few stops

2.7MB pdf

4. Faults of Eastern Marlborough: Picton, Awatere and Kekerengu

R van Dissen, T Little, A Nicol

Half day Picton-Kaikoura, 4 stops

1.5MB pdf

5A. Structure and Tectonics of the Kaikoura Peninsula

J Campbell, P Tonkin, J Bradshaw

Half-one day, walk

1.2MB pdf

5B. Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Teasers, Kaikoura Peninsula,

M Laird, G Browne, B Field

Half-one day, 3 stops

930kB pdf

6. Mt Fyffe and Kaikoura Plains: Active Tectonics Fan Morphology and Hazards

T Davies, B Bull

Half-one day, 4 stops

1.0MB pdf

7. Structural Geomorphology and Paleoseismicity of the Hope Fault

D Eusden, J Pettinga, R Langridge

One day, 3 stops

2.6MB pdf

8. Iconic Cretaceous and Neogene Successions, Haumuri Bluff, Marlborough

G Browne, I Speden, B Field

One day, 3 stops

820kB pdf

9. see above
10. see above   

Taupo Conference, 2004 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 117B





1. Taupo Volcano

M Rosenberg, J Kilgour

1 day, 7 stops

2.8MB pdf

2. Geothermal Systems

B Scott

1 day, stops in 4 areas betw Taupo and Rotorua

3.1MB pdf

5. Stratigraphic Architecture and Sedimentology of King Country and Eastern Taranaki Basins

P Kamp, A Vonk, C Nelson

3 days Taumarunui-Hawera, 30 stops

4.5MB pdf

6. Miocene-Pliocene interior seaway of Central North Island

G Browne

2 days Napier-Taihape, 15 stops

1.7MB pdf

7. Caldera Volcanism in Taupo Volcanic Zone

K Spinks, J Cole, G Leonard

3 days return to Taupo each night, 25 stops

1.4MB pdf

Dunedin Conference, 2003 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 116B





1. East Otago Gold

S Cox, D Craw

1 day Dunedin-Macraes-Barewood, route guide

1.0MB pdf

2. Quaternary Geology, Neotectonics and Landscape processes of Coastal Otago

N Litchfield, D Barrell

1 day Milton-Dunedin, 9 stops

1.8MB pdf

3. Otago Schist Structure and Exhumation

N Mortimer, R Sibson

1 day Milton-Dunedin, 10 stops

730kB pdf

4. Vanished World Trail

E Fordyce

1 day North Otago, description

85kB pdf

5. Dunedin Building Stones and Architectural Heritage

J Forsyth, M Finlay

Half-one day walking guide

85kB pdf

6. Southern Alps Tectonics and Quaternary Geology

D Barrell, S Cox

3 days Geraldine-Omarama, 31 stops

1.6MB pdf

7. Igneous rocks of the Southland Coast and Eastern Fiordland

M Palin, R Price, A Reay

2 days Bluff-Borland, 14 stops

1.5MB pdf

8. Canterbury Basin Paleontology and Stratigraphy

E Fordyce, P Maxwell

1-2 days Dunedin-Oamaru area, 15 stops

620kB pdf

9. Paleobotany and Sedimentology, Late Cretaceous-Miocene nonmarine sequences, Otago and Southland

D Lee, J Lindqvist, B Douglas, J Bannister, E Ciaraad

3 days, 11 stops

2.3MB pdf

Whangarei Conference, 2002 Field Trip Guides. GSNZ Misc. Pub. 112B





Geological Overview of Northland

B Sporli, B Hayward

Preamble to, and references for, all fieldtrips

570kB pdf

1. Northland Allochthon, South Whangarei Harbour

B Sporli, B Hayward, M Isaac

0.5 day, 4 stops

560kB pdf

2. Kaipara: allochthon-autochthon

J Grant-Mackie, M Gregory

1 day Auckland-Whangarei, 5 stops

168kB pdf

3. Whangarei Heads geology

P Bach, P Black, B Hayward, M Isaac, I Smith

0.5-1 day Whangarei area, 5 stops

1020kB pdf

4. Basement/Tertiary, Cover/Allochthon interactions at Ocean Beach

B Sporli

0.5-1 day Whangarei area, 4 stops

985kB pdf

6. Geothermal Northland

P Browne, S Simmons, K Campbell, W Hampton, D Pastars

2 days Whangarei-Ngawha, 6 stops

332kB pdf

7. Northland Geology

B Hayward, I Smith

3 days, Whangarei-Tauranga Bay-Opononi-Auckland, 36 stops

1.2MB pdf

8. Northland from bottom up: P-Tr boundary to Allochthon

B Sporli, Y Aita

3 days Whangarei-Tauranga Bay-Pukenui-Auckland, 4+ stops, uses parts of FTs 7 & 9

890kB pdf

9. Geological gems of the Far North

P Black, M Gregory

3 days, 15 stops

1.4MB pdf

Bibliography of field guides 1891-1990. GSNZ Misc Pub 51

Thompson, B.N.; Hayward, B.W. (compilers) 1991. Bibliography of New Zealand earth science excursion guides, 1891-1990. GSNZ Misc Pub 51, 85 pp. Download 490kb Excel file.

595 field guides are categorised by author, year, title, source, conference, conference location, region, start and end points, localities visited, NZMS260 map sheet, data type, subject area, keywords and library holdings. Thanks to Bruce Hayward for supplying the file.