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A Continent on the Move

The first edition of the 2009 Montana Environment Award winning GSNZ book, "A Continent on the Move" edited by Ian Graham, was launched on the 8th of September, 2008. Seven years, and two reprints later, this flagship publication of the Society has been extensively updated with scientific advances in key areas such as tectonics and climate change, and, of course, the Christchurch earthquakes and its affects. It also addresses topical issues such as seabed mining, fracking, deep-sea drilling, climate change adaptation, slow-slip earthquake hazard, ocean acidification and mine safety.

The 398 page / 750 colour picture book is "coffee table-like" in appearance and encyclopaedic in scope. It is a summary of the present knowledge of New Zealand geosciences with over 130 contributing authors.

Potton and Burton Publishing have the rights to sell and distribute the book in stores around the country (RRP $64.99). GSNZ members can purchase direct through them here.

The book may also be purchased from GNS publications sales here .