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Field trip guides

 Nelson Conference, 2011. GSNZ Misc Pub 130B





1. "Wairau Fault Late Quaternary displacements and paleoearthquakes."

Nicol, A., Langridge, R., Van Dissen, R.

1 day

7.6 Mb pdf

2. “The Magnificent Marlborough Schist."

Mortimer, N.

1 day

5.2 Mb pdf

3. “Dun Mountain."

Rattenbury, M.S., Johnston, M.R.

1 day

5 Mb pdf

4. “Roding River ("Nelson Mineral Belt") copper mineralisation and Dun Mountain-Maitai terrane stratigraphy."

Johnston, M. R.

1 day

6.4 Mb pdf
5. "Geology and History of the Nelson Boulder Bank." Dickinson, W., Hartstein, N., Warren, K. 1 day
5 Mb pdf
6. "The elusive Permian-Triassic boundary." Campbell, H.J.
1 day
5.5 Mb pdf
7. "Waimea - Flaxmore Fault System and Geohazards in Nelson." Wopereis, P.
1 day
5.8 Mb pdf
Post conference: "Stratigraphic and Paleontologic highlights of NW Nelson; a day in the Paleozoic, a day in the Mesozoic, and a day in the Cenozoic." Browne, G.H.; Cooper, R.A.; Arnot, M.J.
1 day
6 Mb pdf

"The best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks"
GSNZ wants to maintain a strong, and safe, fieldtrip culture in New Zealand.

Field safety guidelines

With the increased emphasis on Health and Safety, GSNZ has developed fieldtrip safety guidelines. These are primarily for use on its official conference fieldtrips but can also be used by branches.

Download version 3.0 (pdf format)
Download version 3.0 (doc format)
Roadside stops appendix (pdf format)


Since 2002 GSNZ fieldguides have been converted to pdf format and are posted here for ready reference. Such guides often contain useful syntheses of information that may not be published elsewhere. Proper citation is encouraged and, where appropriate, users should contact the authors for permission to cite material.

It is the responsibility of individuals to familiarise themselves with hazards and safety requirements on any fieldtrip, and also to obtain appropriate permission to enter property (possession of a guide confers no privilege or exemption!).