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New Zealand Minerals

compiled by Simon Nathan, April 2006

Thirteen minerals have been first described from New Zealand and accepted as valid by the International Mineralogical Association. Most have been subsequently recognised overseas, but so far tuhualite is known only from the type area on Tuhua (Mayor) Island.

The following list, arranged in chronological order of discovery, gives the original paper where each mineral was described, as well as important later papers.


Taranakite - KAl3(PO4)3(OH).9H2O

Hector, J.; Skey, W. 1866: New Zealand Exhibition, 1865: Reports and Awards of the Jurors. Mills Dick, Dunedin, pp 371-452.

Bannister, F.A.; Hutchinson, G.E. 1947: The identity of Minervite and Palmerite with Taranakite. Mineralogical Magazine 28: 31-5.


Awaruite - Ni2Fe to Ni3Fe

Skey, W. 1886: On a new mineral (awaruite) from Barn Bay. Transactions of the New Zealand Institute 18: 401-2.

Rogers, K.A.; Hey, M.H. 1980: On the type locality and other occurrences of awaruite (FeNi3) in Westland, New Zealand. Mineralogical Magazine 41: 389-90


Tuhualite - (Na,K)Fe2Si6O15

Marshall, P. 1932: Notes on some volcanic rocks of the North Island of New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Science & Technology 13: 201-202. [Original description]

Marshall, P 1936: The mineral tuhualite. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 66: 330-36.

Hutton, C.O. 1956: Re-examination of the mineral tuhualite. Mineralogical Magazine 31: 96-106.

Nicholls, J.; Carmichael, I.S.E. 1969: Peralkaline acid liquids: a petrological study. Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology 20: 268-94.


Hydrogrossular - Ca3Al2(SiO4)3-x(OH)4x

Hutton, C.O. 1943: Hydrogrossular, a new mineral of the garnet-hydrogarnet series. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 73: 174-80.


Huttonite - ThSiO4

Pabst, A. 1950: Monoclinic thorium silicate. Nature 166: 157.

Pabst, A.; Hutton, C.O. 1951: Huttonite, a new monoclinic thorium silicate. American Mineralogist 36: 60-69.


Wairakite - CaAl2Si4O12.2H2O

Steiner, A 1955: Wairakite, the calcium analogue of analcime, a new zeolite mineral. Mineralogical Magazine 30: 691-98.

Coombs, D.S. 1955: X-ray observations on wairakite and non-cubic analcime. Mineralogical Magazine 30: 699-708.


Wairauite - CoFe

Challis, G.A.; Long, J.V.P. 1964: Wairauite - a new cobalt-iron mineral. Mineralogical Magazine 33: 942-48.


Akatoreite - Mn9(Si,Al)10O23(OH)9

Read, P.B.; Reay, A. 1971: Akatoreite, a new manganese silicate from eastern Otago, New Zealand. American Mineralogist 56: 416-26.


Motukoreaite - Na22Mg38Al24(CO3)13(SO4)8(OH)10.56H2O

Rogers, K.A.; Chisholm, J.E.; David, R.J.; Nelson, C.S. 1977: Motukoreaite, a new hydrated, carbonate, sulphate and hydroxide of Mg and Al from Auckland, New Zealand. Mineralogical Magazine 41: 389-90.


Feruvite - CaFe3(Al,Mg)6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4

Black, P. 1971: Tourmaline of Cuvier Island, New Zealand. Mineralogical Magazine 38: 374-76.

Grice, J.D.; Robinson, G.W. 1989: Feruvite, a new member of the tourmaline group, and its crystal structure. Canadian Mineralogist 27: 199-200.


Coombsite - K(Mn,Fe,Mg)13(Si,Al)18O42(OH)14

Sameshima, T.; Kawachi, Y. 1991: Coombsite, Mn analogue of zussmanite, and associated Mn_silicates, parsettensite and caryopilite, from southeastern Otago, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology & Geophysics 34: 329-50.


Ferroceladonite - K2Fe4Si8O20(OH)4
Ferroaluminoceladonite - K2Fe2Al2Si8O20(OH)4

Li, G.; Peacor, D.R.; Coombs, D.S.; Kawachi, Y. 1997: Solid solution in the celadonite family: the new minerals ferroceladonite, K2Fe2Si8O20(OH)4, and ferroaluminoceladonite, K2Fe2Al2Si8O20(OH)4. American Mineralogist 82: 503-11