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New Zealand Stratigraphic Lexicon

This is a compilation of New Zealand rock unit names, giving information on age and distribution, and references to relevant literature. Prospective authors are encouraged to check proposed new names against the New Zealand Stratigraphic Lexicon by using the web access described below. Authors are also urged to follow the International Stratigraphic Code (Hedberg 1976), which has been adopted for New Zealand use by the Geological Society of New Zealand. Published lexicons of stratigraphic names used in New Zealand have been compiled by Adkin (1954), Fleming (1959) and McGregor (1987). The LEXI computer database is based on the last, but is regularly updated.

The STRATLEX database is maintained by the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences, and is available free of charge to the geological community through the Internet at


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Compiled by Ian Raine

In 2000, GSNZ surveyed its members about the future of the NZ Stratigraphic Lexicon: read results.