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Proposal to form the Geoscience Society of New Zealand

Nick Mortimer, John Townend, Laura Wallace, Jan Lindsay, Scott Nodder, Euan Smith, Dan Barker and David Skinner

In a survey in late 2008 a strong majority of the respondents from both societies expressed a desire to proceed with amalgamation talks, a sentiment that has subsequently been reinforced multiple times by the Geological Society of New Zealand National Committee and New Zealand Geophysical Society Council. Since March 2009 there have been nine meetings between the two societies at which all aspects of amalgamation have been discussed.

In short, we propose that GSNZ and NZGS amalgamate to form a new society called the Geoscience Society of New Zealand. The new Society will follow a set of Rules and a Code of Ethics, final proposed versions of which can be downloaded from the links below. For further background, information and opinion on the amalgamation refer to recent newsletters and newsflashes.

Amalgamation will proceed by revising the name and rules of the existing Geological Society to the satisfaction of both memberships, and then by winding up the Geophysical Society. GSNZ  will formally vote on a final version of the proposed Rule changes at a Special General Meeting in Wellington on 9 March 2010, and NZGS at an SGM on 30 March. Formal notice of these SGMs is being sent direct to members, and proxy votes will be accepted. If all goes to plan, the Geoscience Society of NZ will come into being on 1 April 2010. We believe the net effect of these changes will be a larger, stronger and more coherent national geoscience society that is better able to serve the needs of its members.

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