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A diverse collection of articles, publications, press releases, submissions, newsletter snippets that are too good not to be on the web.

Papers, posters and references

Three articles on papers and posters and references, aimed at students, appear by kind permission of the author Jaap Jasperse ("Yahp Yahs-pur-suh"). Jaap was Editor of the New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research from 1986 to 1998, obtained a PhD (Communications) at Victoria University in 1993 and until recently was Science Publishing Manager with the Department of Conservation, Wellington. He currently (2005) works for the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, based in Samoa.

Preparing a paper for publishing:
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Poster paper
Not just an article up the wall: download pdf file

Do's and don'ts of scientific referencing:
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Another useful place to get presentation tips on conference talks and posters is the AAPG meetings page.

Press releases

Is it safe to build across known fault lines ? (March 2001)


Re problems with the Resource Management Act relating to earthquake hazards, especially active faults (September 2000)
(BUILDING ON THE EDGE: The use and development of land on or close to fault lines
A report from the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment: download as a 1Mb pdf file)
re Proposed Variation 17 to the Wellington City District Scheme (February 2000)
re Proposed changes to the Resource Management Act. (January 1999)
re Modifications to the Crater Area, Mt Ruapehu. (January 1999)

 Under development with articles still to be scanned.

The Kear Collection - a series of self-published articles by Dr David Kear who rose through the ranks of the New Zealand Geological Survey to ultimately become Director-General of the DSIR.

North Island Volcanism, and inferred New Zealand tectonic development during the late Cenozoic (1996).

Whakatane's Geological History (1997).

New Zealand's Volcanoes - their story (1999). 6.3 Mb

Armchair geology, and the Alpine Fault in the North Island (2000).

The Waipa Supergroup - a North Island contribution to the terrane debate (2001).

The Bay of Plenty - the new land (2002).

Whakatane's dynamic geology (2003).

Ohope - Safe from the sea (2006).

Whakatane - astride the North Island geological movement for 25 million years (2007).

Ohope - Still safe from the sea (2008).

Rewards from mineral developments to New Zealand's people, economy and science (2009). Also published as GSNZ Historical Studies Group Newsletter 37: 11-52.

"Natural" disasters that might affect Whakatane, and Christchurch lessons (2011).

Whakatane refutes global warming - for us all (2011). 189 Kb

The Earth Moves - but only some have believed (2012). 3.6 Mb


About global warming by Peter Barrett

NZGeoMap©: A new mapping projection for New Zealand in the twenty-first century by W.I. Reilly
Reproduced with permission from Survey Quarterly 25: 25-29, March 2001

Mapping and coordinate systems: an update
Two articles by Ian Reilly that first appeared in GSNZ Newsletter 122: (2000) and GSNZ Newsletter 124 (2001).

Job losses in Geology at Victoria University
A statement about proposed cuts to academic and technical positions in Geology at Victoria University (6 October 2000)

Discussion: A Blueprint for a Bright Future ?
A critique of the Ministry of Research, Science & Techology's recently published "Blueprint for change: Government's policies and procedures for its research, science and technology investments" by Ian Reilly.


New Zealand Science & Technology medals awarded to Ted Lloyd & Ron Keam
A summary of their contribution to geothermal science and conservation


Who was James Hector?
A short biography of James Hector, who is commemorated on Hector Day (16 March)

The obituaries page contains tributes to several NZ earth scientists.


"Dynamic landscapes: the fall and rise of a small continent"
The Inaugural Professorial Lecture given by Professor Richard Norris at Otago University on October 13th 1999


Milford Gneiss with ultramafic mega-boudins
A colour version of the photograph in the article by Peter Blattner in GSNZ Newsletter 126, p. 34

Draft GSNZ Awards Fund Trust Deed

References for technical information on New Zealand minerals