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Arne Pallentin, NIWA, PO Box 14901, Greta Point, Wellington


GIS (Geographic Information Systems), databases and remote sensing are increasingly important tools for the Geologist today. The vast amount of data stored (more that 86000 entries in the Fossil Record File, and 115000 entries in PetLab) can only be efficiently analysed and displayed with the use of computers. Remote sensing allows us to take advantage of the increasing amount of air photo, satellite photo, and other satellite data available to scientists.

Important as the educated use of the display and analysis is, even more so is the storage of data. Of special interest are standards, national and international, on how to structure the data, which in turn allow for easier exchange of the information. As a GIS Special-Interest Group (SIG) we hope to provide a community for the interested and for experts in the field, to communicate and discuss techniques and developments, with a special focus on New Zealand wide standards. We intend to promote the knowledge and use of GIS-Databases-Remote Sensing in the New Zealand Geology community, especially, but not only, in teaching at university level. Also, the SIG will be able to provide informed opinion for the Society in questions of national standards for databases with a spatial component. To do so we intend to provide an e-mail list and contacts, collect information on a www-page within the GSNZ web site, and by contributions to the GSNZ newsletter.