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S.J. Hastie Scholarships

To fund educational scholarships for Masters or Honours research in the field of geosciences. An award is made for each University, with HoD's responsible for nominating suitable student candidates at the end of each year.

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1. The late S.J.Hastie left a bequest to the then Geological, now Geoscience Society of New Zealand to set up a fund (hereafter referred to as ‘the Fund") to provide educational scholarships to be awarded to New Zealand residents to pursue research in New Zealand Geosciences.

2. The Fund and award of scholarships shall be administered by the Geoscience Society of New Zealand (Inc.), as part of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand Awards Trust, but separate accounts shall be kept for the S.J. Hastie Scholarship Fund.

3. The Fund shall be invested prudently, and each year at least one third of the interest shall be reinvested in the Fund. The other two thirds may be used for awarding scholarships. Any remaining interest shall be reinvested in the Fund.

4. Each award shall consist of an inscribed certificate and such monetary sum as the Committee of the Society shall from time to time decide. If possible the awards shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting, or Annual Conference, of the Society.

5. The scholarships shall be primarily to assist with research expenses of Honours and Masters students, and shall normally be awarded at the time that research work is about to commence.

6. One award per year shall be offered to each of Auckland, Waikato, Massey, Victoria, Canterbury and Otago universities.

7. The award winners shall be selected by the Geoscience teaching staff of the eligible universities, using a previously agreed selection process that shall include evaluation of written research proposals. All awards shall be made on the written recommendation of the heads of the relevant departments to the Convenor of the Awards Subcommittee, and shall be subject to ratification by the Committee of the Society. In the event that no suitable candidate is available at any of these universities, no award shall be made to that university in that year.

8. Each award shall be given to the Geosciences student who, in the opinion of staff of the university, is most deserving of the distinction, taking into account proven academic and research ability, and the likelihood of significant expenses accruing during practical work. [Note that under paragraph 1, a nominee must be a New Zealand resident who is planning to undertake research in New Zealand Geoscience].

9. A Head of Department from any New Zealand university not included in paragraph 6 above, may forward a recommendation for the nomination of a suitable student to the Convenor of the Awards Subcommittee (together with supporting information), and this nomination shall be considered by the Awards Subcommittee.

10. The staff at each eligible university department shall decide whether the award may be held in conjunction with other awards or funding.

11. Half the scholarship money shall be paid at the time the award is made. The other half shall be paid not earlier than five months later on application from the winner of the scholarship, supported by a letter from his/her supervisor certifying that satisfactory progress has been made; the application shall include a one page summary of the research for publication in the Geoscience Society of New Zealand Newsletter. Any unclaimed monies shall be reinvested in the Fund.

12. In the event of the Fund being terminated, the proceeds of the Fund shall be given to an approved charitable organisation with similar aims and objectives, to be used for the same purpose.

13. (a) Any income, benefit or advantage shall be applied to the charitable purposes of the Awards Trust funds;

(b) No member of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand (Inc.) or any person associated with a member shall participate in or materially influence any decision made by the organisation in respect of the payment to or on behalf of that member or associated person of any income, benefit or advantage whatsoever;

(c) Any income paid shall be reasonable and relative to that which would be paid in an arm's length transaction (being an open market value);

(d) The provisions of subclauses (a)-(c) above shall not be removed from this document and shall be included and implied in any document replacing this document.

The nomination template is here.
Due date September 1.

S.J. Hastie Scholarships (since 2001) and Student Research Awards (1983-2000) recipients


People and universities (on rotation prior to 1995)

TBC (Auckland), Holly Harvey-Wishart (Waikato), Hannah Walters (Massey), Phillipa Morris (Victoria), Abbey Douglas (Canterbury), Rilee Thomas (Otago).
Alex Davidson (Auckland), Krystal Geraghty (Waikato), Hannah Harvey (Massey), Clarrie Macklin (Victoria), Thomas Brough & Janina Gillies (joint, Canterbury), Catherine Sangster (Otago).
Jonathan Simpson (Auckland), Noel Bates (Waikato), Pete McGowan (Massey), Adam Thomas (Victoria), Sarah Smithies (Canterbury), Emma Scanlon (Otago)
Ashleigh Fromont (Auckland), Anna Eames (Waikato), Grace Marcroft (Massey), Leise Cochrane (Victoria), Regine Morgenstern (Canterbury), Edward Perkins (Otago).
Anya Leenman (Auckland), Jesse Beetham (Waikato), Rickus Van Niekerk (Massey), Christoph Kraus (Victoria), Luke Mahon (Canterbury), Dylan Baker (Otago).
Scott McGowan (Auckland), Meliisa Kleyburg (Wailkato), Callum Rees (Massey), Shane Rooyakkers (Victoria), Grace O'Sullivan (Canterbury), Nichole Moerhuis (Otago).
Erin Skinner (Auckland), Benjamin Clifford Simons (Waikato), Shirley May Gates (Massey), Grant O'Brien (Victoria), Emma Rhodes (Canterbury), Imogen Browne (Otago).
James Conway (Auckland), Diana Macpherson (Waikato), John Irons (Massey), Jane Chewings (Victoria), Alan Eastwood (Canterbury), Betina Fleming (Otago).
Saskia de Vilder (Auckland), Megan Brink (Waikato), Claire Shepherd (Massey), Tom Golding & Denise Fernandez, joint recipients (Victoria), Charlotte Stephens-Brown (Canterbury), Hannah Scott (Otago).
2009 Scott Carruthers (Auckland), April Christina Gibson (Waikato), Andrea Logan (Canterbury), Emma Phillips (Massey), Zara Rawlinson (Victoria), Tim Elliot (Otago).


Catherine Frericks (Auckland), Larissa Claire Macmillan (Waikato), Mathew Clark (Canterbury), Ruth Hinz (Massey), John Creech (Victoria), Luke Hayhoe Easterbrook-Clarke (Otago).


Helen Cocker (Auckland), Bradley Hopcroft (Waikato), Clare Robertson (Massey), Daniel Bassett (VUW), Marian Islay Laird (Canterbury), Campbell Ryland (Otago)


Alison Kirkby (Auckland), Alison Graettinger (Waikato), Anja Moebis (Massey), Aidan Allan (VUW), Brendan Duffy (Canterbury), Bridgette Lewis (Otago)


Katy Ward (Auckland), Jeremy Titjen (Waikato), Leila Chrysall (Massey), Hannu Seebeck (VUW), Rose Turnbull (Canterbury), Emilie Guegan (Otago)


Joanna Graaf (Auckland), Rodney Milner (Waikato), Kim Martelli (Massey), Andrew McCarthy (Victoria), Joanna Lea (Canterbury), Matthew Hughes (Lincoln), James Scott (Otago)


Christopher Hughes (Auckland), Ruth Basher (Waikato), Katherine Holt (Manawatu), Glenn Hughes (Wellington), Joshua Mountjoy (Canterbury), Jamie Ward (Otago)


Anne Morrell (Auckland), Michael Fitzgerald (Waikato), Michael Turner (Massey), Matt Hill (Victoria), Andrew Burgess (Canterbury), Ray Marx (Otago)


Craig Noble (Auckland), Austin Hendy (Waikato), Kathryn Wilson (Massey), Bridget Ayling (Victoria), Tanya Ewing (Canterbury), Carolyn Phillips (Otago)


Erin Hollinger (Auckland), Geoff Kilgour (Waikato), Jonathan Proctor (Massey), Rith Wightman (Victoria), Tom Lucas (Canterbury), Eric Osterberger (Otago)


Virginia Toy (Auckland), Graham Leonard (Canterbury), Michele D'Ath (Massey), Matthew Grant (Victoria), Wayne Gunn (Waikato), Brendan Norrie (Otago)


David Tillick (Auckland), Heidi Wehrmann (Waikato), Lynda McGrory (Massey), Emily Chetwin (Victoria), Karl Spinks (Canterbury), John Becker (Otago)


Justin Franklin (Auckland), Philippa Earl (Canterbury), Hannah Brackley (Massey), Craig Wright (Otago), Dene Carroll (Victoria), Caroline Guay (Waikato)


Alison Sprott (Auckland), Anekant Wandres (Canterbury), Josh Adams (Massey), Sarah Jones (Otago), John Rampton (Victoria), Glen Murrell (Waikato)


Catherine Reid (Auckland), Nicola Litchfield (Canterbury), Brenda Rosser (Massey), Mark Henderson (Otago), Julie Lee (Victoria), Deborah Bowyer (Waikato)


Kay Cooper (Canterbury), Eric Wilson (Victoria), Rochelle Hanson (Waikato)


Guy Simpson (Otago), Scott Keeling (Massey), Jan Lindsay (Auckland)


Richard Justice (Canterbury), Stuart Gerritson (Waikato), unknown (Victoria)


Barry O'Connor (Auckland), Andrew Wards (Massey), John Youngson (Otago)


Michael Rosenberg (Waikato), Tod Waight (Canterbury)


Joel Baker (Victoria), Keenan Jennings (Auckland)


Andrew Constantine (Otago), Robert Lieffering (Massey)


P.R. Cochrane (Waikato), M. Stewart (Canterbury)


Jonathan Keall (Victoria), Richard Ruddock (Auckland)


Joanna Tompkins (Massey), James Crampton & Scott Nicol (Otago)


John Utley (Waikato), Michael Johnston (Canterbury)


Cornel de Ronde (Auckland), Lisa Foley (Victoria)