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National Committee

Front: Jennifer Eccles, Janet George (former Administrator), Alan Orpin. Back: Richard Wysoczanscki, James Scott, Ian Hamling, David Skinner (former Treasurer), Adrian Pittari, Matt Sagar, Glenn Vallender. Absent: Nicki Sayers, Andrew Rees, Kate Akers, Alex Nichols.

The committee is elected at the AGM every year. The Immediate Past President and Newsletter Editor are ex officio members of the committee.

National Committee for 2019

Jennifer Eccles, (President) University of Auckland. Email:

James Scott, (Vice-President & Awards Committee Convenor), University of Otago. Email:

Adrian Pittari, (Immediate Past President) University of Waikato, Hamilton. Email:

Alan Orpin, (Treasurer) NIWA, Wellington. Email:

Richard Wysoczanski (Secretary), NIWA Wellington. Email:

Andrew Rees, (elected member), Victoria University, Wellington. Email:

Ian Hamling, (elected member), GNS, Lower Hutt.

Alex Nichols (elected member),  University of Canterbury, Christchurch. Email:

Matt Sagar (elected member & Publications Convenor), Lower Hutt.

Sam McColl (elected member & Publications Sales), Massey University. Email:

Glenn Vallender (co-opted member & Newsletter Editor). Email:

Kate Akers (co-opted member)

Nicki Sayers (Administrator). Email: