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NZ Geology

Like GSNZ branches, online sources about NZ geology are many but scattered. Some are aimed at researchers, some at the general public, others at primary, secondary or tertiary students. This page is an attempt to start to provide a source list of educational and informational material (see also the general links page). For now these are sorted by institution but hopefully the website editor will provide some more imaginative formatting in due course.

GNS Science

GNS Science is a government-owned research institute and is the best place to get geological maps and images. The website is rather large, these links will help navigate to the good stuff.

Te Ara

Te Ara, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, contains many well-illustrated articles on New Zealand earth science, mainly written for the non-specialist. The following list contains links to individual articles:

General geology

- Outline of New Zealand geology
- Sea floor geology
- Charting the sea floor
- Engineering on the sea floor
- Gemstones
- Geological exploration of New Zealand
- Magnetic field
- Meteorites
- Rocks and minerals named in New Zealand

Past life

- Collections of plants and animals
- Evolution of plants and animals
- Extinctions
- Fossils

Landscapes and geomorphology

- Landscapes - overview
- Perceptions of the landscape
- Geomorphology - a history
- Dune lands
- Glaciers and glaciation
- Lakes
- Limestone country
- Mountains
- Nearshore Islands
- Rivers
- Waterfalls
- Wetlands

Soil science

- Soils
- Soil Investigations

Maori traditions and archaeology

- Kohatu - Maori use of stone
- Kaitiakitanga - guardianship & conservation
- Paptuanuku - the land
- Pounamu - jade or greenstone
- Te ao marama - the natural world
- When was New Zealand first settled?
- Whenua - how the land was shaped

Natural hazards

- Natural hazards - overview
- Active faults
- Coastal erosion
- Earthquakes
- Historic earthquakes
- Floods
- Landslides
- Tsunamis
- Volcanoes
- Historic volcanic activity

Mining & mineral resources

- Mining and underground resources
- Building stone
- Coal and coal mining
- Gold and gold mining
- Iron and steel
- Kauri gum & gum digging
- Marine minerals
- Oil and gas
- Radioactive minerals
- Rock, limestone and clay
- Salt

Hot springs and geothermal energy

- Geothermal energy
- Hot springs, mud pools and geysers
- Life in hot springs
- Thermal pools and spas


- Conservation - a history
- National Parks
- Protected areas

Outdoor recreation

- Caving
- Mountaineering
- Tramping
- Search & rescue
- Walking tracks

Thanks to Simon Nathan, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, for these links

Royal Society of New Zealand

RSNZ is the umbrella scientific society in the country. RSNZ produces alpha and gamma series publications and other learning resources, most of which can be downloaded as pdf files, and some of which are on geological topics. RSNZ also has a page specifically for secondary school students.

Strictly for specialists, the New Zealand Journal of Geology & Geophysics publishes original research papers on all aspects of the earth sciences relevant to New Zealand, the Pacific, and Antarctica back issues.