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Presidentís Lecture

The President, Andrew Gorman (Otago University), will be touring the branches and other centres during 2015 (Itinerary below). The purpose of the tour, usually early in the term of office, is to promote better communication within the Society, particularly between the National Committee and the branches.

Marine seismic facilities used in conjunction with the University of Otago's RV Polaris II include a Ferranti electro-acoustic boomer source and a Geometrics 24-channel microeel hydrophone array. This equipment is being used to image a number of geological targets including active fault structures off Otago, Quaternary sedimentary features in Fiordland and the Subantarctic Islands, active canyon processes on the Otago Slope, and even Holocene lacustrine sedimentation in the Southern Alps. Examples from this work will be presented to highlight how relatively inexpensive, student-driven projects are making significant contributions to our understanding of New Zealand's marine geology.

Andrew Gorman is an Associate Professor at the University of Otago's Department of Geology. He has a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Calgary, which led to 6 years working in the Canadian petroleum industry. Following a PhD from the University of British Columbia, Andrew's interests switched to marine seismology, which took him to the University of Wyoming as a postdoc and then to Otago as a lecturer in 2003.

The Geoscience Society of New Zealand encourages the advancement of the geosciences in New Zealand. It currently has about 900 members, with an elected national committee, eight branches and a number of subcommittees and special interest groups. Part of the purpose of this tour is to make sure that the society is serving the needs of its members and branches - so be sure to have your voices heard when Andrew visits.





Wellington22 September

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17 August

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Palmerston North 24 September

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