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Presidentís Lecture

The new President, Scott Nodder (NIWA), will be touring the branches and other centres during 2012. The purpose of the tour, early in the term of office, is to promote better communication within the Society, particularly between the National Committee and the branches.

Dr Scott Nodder is a marine geologist at the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA), based in Wellington. Since 1989, Scott has been involved in research investigating Taranaki shelf sedimentology, offshore active faulting, methane seeps, iron cycling, carbon fluxes within marine ecosystems and ocean time-series observations. Since 2005, he has been on the National Committee of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand as acting Secretary, Vice President - Geology and is the current President for a 2 year term. The second part of the talk (15 min) will provide background to the recent completion of a decade-long project, investigating the linkages between climate drivers, marine productivity and carbon flux to the deep ocean interior (natural carbon sequestration) in subtropical and subantarctic waters, east of NZ.

Scott Nodder


President's perspectives - a Future GSNZ, and a Carbon flux retrospective
The Geoscience Society of New Zealand is an independent, charitable organisation that provides a forum for advancing the interests of amateur and professional geologists and geophysicists in New Zealand. With the recent amalgamation of the two previous NZ geoscience societies, the membership of the Society remains strong (with over 850 members) and diverse, with about 300 student and retired members, including many from overseas. However, for the Society to continue to act as an effective advocate for the geoscience community in NZ, it is imperative that these membership numbers continue to increase in order to support the services provided by the Society, such as the Newsletter, annual national conference, website, field guide publication and variously active branches, subcommittees and special interest groups, as well as providing financial assistance for student conference activities. It is also clear that guidance is required from the membership to indicate the directions and business of the Society as a whole and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. The first part of the talk (15 min) will provide members with an opportunity to have input into those aspects that they feel will improve the future direction and membership status of our Society.

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