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Call for Applications and Nominations for the Royal Society of New Zealand Awards and Medals

The deadline for applications and nominations for these awards is usually the 30th of June. Details of these and other awards and medals and how to apply and nominate can be found at the Royal Society of NZ webpage .

The Society actively encourages its members to apply for or nominate worthy candidates for these awards.  In particular, we would like to see lots of nominations for the Hatherton Award, which is a science award for best paper in physical, earth or maths and information sciences by a New Zealand University PhD candidate.

Additional relevant awards include:

Hamilton Memorial Prize: Science award for beginners in scientific or technological research in New Zealand or the South Pacific.

MacDiarmid Medal: Scientific research award for outstanding scientific research that demonstrates the potential for application to human benefit.

New Zealand Post-Doctoral Fellowships: Funding PhD graduates to undertake two years' post-doctoral research in New Zealand.

Rutherford Medal: Science, mathematics, social science and technology award for exceptional contribution in New Zealand.

Rutherford Foundation Distinguished Fellowship: To assist the development of New Zealand's research capability by supporting the repatriation of outstanding New Zealanders to undertake research in New Zealand.

Thomson Medal: Award for leadership and contribution to science in New Zealand.