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Taranaki Branch

President: Robert Park. Secretary: Pamela Murdoch ( Treasurer: Don Macfarlan ( Newsletter: Mark Robbins ( Field trips: Colleen Field (

Unless otherwise stated meetings are held at 7.30pm, New Plymouth Girls High School, Room N2. Approach from main drive between "new" (only 50 years old) and old (100+ years) classroom blocks. Normal meeting date is the first Monday of the month.

Subs: $15 individual / $20 family to Margaret Wilson, 52 Paynter's Ave, if you still owe your sub. Members of GSNZ are automatically members of Taranaki branch and are not expected to pay a further $15/$20 sub to the local branch.




Sat 23rd June. Leader Diane Toole. At 09:30, meet on the road at the East End surf life-saving club/changing rooms parking area, at the bottom of Nob's Line. We will look at the evidence of the iron sand industry.

After arranging car-share, drive on to The Valley/Technix light industry area to examine the shell rock stacked there. (Remaining on Main North Rd, drive straight across lights at The Valley and take next off-ramp to the left which leads towards the northern shopping area. Immediately after taking this turn-off, turn right at the large yellow sign 691 Devon Rd. and proceed on the road closest to and parallel with the Main North Road. The shell rock boulders are ahead , on your left.) Park nearby. Here you can expect to find barnacles, Ostrea (oyster) , Struthiolaria, scallops/clams/pectin/chlamys, Glycymeris and coral (bryozoa.)

Lastly, move on to Bell Block. Go down Mangati Rd toward the coast, turn right into Glasgow Rd then turn into Tiromoana Cres to park outside 23/25/27 Tiromoana Cres. From here, we walk along the rough path, ie it is not a Walkway, below the cliff, above the water and boulders to examine the coastal exposures , the strata , the lignite bed. This walk is about 300 - 500 m in length and not arduous, but a stick may give security to some unaccustomed to using sheep-like tracks.

Trip may be weather dependent. If in any doubt phone Collen Field about 8.30AM on the day, 06 751 0992


Field Trips July 2017 - April 2018

1) July, 2017. Our own member Pam Murdoch led this walk looking at local art in various sites around the town.
2) Aug. 2017. Local historian Ron Lambert took more than 20 people around various sites associated with New Plymouth's early oil exploration and exploitation.
3) Dec. 2017. Local photographer Pat Greenfield led about 22 people along the Tongaporutu coast to observe erosion and aggradation features as well as evidence of past slumping/faulting/changes in deposition/current bedding, in the newly-exposed cliffs.
4) Mar. 2018. TGS member Diane Toole led 15 to Airedale Reef/Buried Forest on this open day. We tried to differentiate between trees and ferns destroyed in the Okawa Formation debris avalanche. The cliff also was studied as it contains the sequence of events from about 100,000 years ago.