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Young Researcher Travel Grant

The purpose of this award is to help fund (fully or in part) New Zealand early career Earth science researchers and PhD students to attend and present a talk or poster at their first international conference. The award will can contribute to registration, travel and accommodation costs. A maximum of $5000 will be awarded in any one year or granted to any one applicant, although applicants should expect values closer to $1000.

Nomination template link below.


The Young Researcher Travel Grant

1. The Young Researcher Travel Grant was set up by the GSNZ Committee on the 11th June 2009. The funds are to be derived from the surplus from the Society's annual conference in each preceding year. The GSNZ committee will make a decision in February or March whether the grant will be offered for that calendar year, with the decision communicated to the membership in the next Newsflash and on the GSNZ website.

2. The purpose of grant is to fund (fully or in part) one or more early career geoscience researchers or PhD students to present at their first overseas international conference or international workshop. The grant will fund or contribute to funding of registration, travel and accommodation costs.

3. An ‘international conference‘ or an ‘international workshop' is defined as an internationally recognised geoscience conference or meeting, held overseas from New Zealand. A student who has previously attended conferences or workshops prior to starting their PhD or employment in New Zealand is eligible to apply.

4. The total value of a grant pool shall be a maximum of $5000 each calendar year, with the exact amount to be voted upon by the GSNZ Committee in February or March. It is highly unlikely that one applicant will receive the full amount.

5. Applications will be considered on merit in a maximum of two rounds during the course of the year. Applications are due on June 1st and September 1st. After the June round, the grant pool is not recharged until the following year and therefore the September round will proceed at the GSNZ committee's discretion.

6. Completed applications shall be sent to the Convenor of the Awards Subcommittee who shall make recommendations to the Committee for ratification.

7. To be eligible to apply for the grant, applicants must:
a. Be current members of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand;
b. Be currently undertaking, or have recently completed, their PhD on a geoscience topic at a New Zealand university or research institute; OR,
c. Be currently employed in a post-doctoral, lecturer/researcher or similar position in the field of geosciences at a New Zealand university or research institute ;
d. Be under the age of 35 years at the round cut off date and have completed their PhD within the last 5 years.

8. An application shall consist of:
a. A completed application form (available from the Society's website);
b. A one page covering letter outlining details of the conference or workshop (including location and dates), and why attendance is important to the applicant;
c. A one page budget that:
i. Itemises all cost of conference or workshop attendance;
ii. Clearly denotes what the Society's funds sought will cover, and where more than $1000 is being requested a quote and brief justification;
iii. Clearly lists all other sources of funding being sought (or already confirmed) or available to the applicant (e.g., departmental/company support, grants offered by the event organisers, conference funds available on project grants etc);
d. A one page academic CV.
e. One referee report endorsing the applicant's attendance at this particular conference or workshop.
f. A copy of the abstract of the paper/poster that the applicant plans to present;

9. Successful applicants are required to submit a report on the conference or workshop to the Society's Awards subcommittee within 3 months of the attendance. The applicant will also be encouraged to submit a summary of the research to the GSNZ newsletter upon completion.

The nomination template is here.
Due date as advertised.

Young Researcher Travel Grant recipients





Stephanie Junior (Otago)

Mirja Heinrich (Auckland)

Australian Synchrotron New User Symposium.

Cities on Volcanoes Conference.

May Sas, Charline Lormand, Emanuele Giacalone, Elham Yousefzadeh, Sonja Bermudez, Rosie Cole
Attendance of the IAVCEI 2017 Scientific Assembly, Volcano Geology Workshop and Urbino Summer School on Paleoclimatology.
Not awarded
2015Greer Gilmer (Otago), Braden Walsh (Massey), Katrina Sauer (Otago), Ben Hines (VUW) Southern Connections Congress, AGU, AGU and Urbino Summer School respectively.
Hamish Cattrell (Canterbury), Latashia Wyering (Canterbury), Daniel Blake (Canterbury), Claire Shepherd (VUW & GNS), Jack Williams (Otago)
World Geothermal Congress, GSA conference, Cities on Vocanoes, Climatic and Biotic events of the Paleogene, Gordon Research Conference and Workshop respectivel.
Ben Moorhouse (Otago), Katrin Wellnitz (Otago), Kristina Pascher (VUW), Matt Maughan (Otago), Tom Czertowicz (Otago)
International workshop on Volcano geology, EGU, Climatic and Biotic events of the Paleogene, EGU, EGU respectively.
2012 Pontus Lurcock
To attend AGU
Robert Tinkler (Massey University) Travel to INQUA