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New Zealand SAGE Award

SAGE, the Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience, is a unique ‘hands-on' geophysical educational program held yearly over a four-week period in June/July in New Mexico. It aims to enhance the experience and knowledge of students of geophysics in an intense course of geophysical exploration and research that goes beyond classroom-based curricula. Much more than just a summer field camp, SAGE is a complete immersion in geophysics, an educational experience in which students participate in every phase of the field and interpretation programs. Participants collect data with modern equipment; process, model and interpret the data with workstations; and present their results in oral and written forms.
SAGE is conducted by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Branch of the Institute of Geophysical and Planetary Physics, University of California. It is sponsored by and draws its faculty from various US universities, research agencies and corporations, and has operated in New Mexico since 1983. SAGE participants are chosen from US and overseas countries. Since 2001, through an arrangement between the US organisers and the New Zealand Geophysical Society, one enrolment at SAGE has been available to one student from New Zealand. The SAGE Scholarship is awarded to the most suitable New Zealand candidate, with funding for attendance at SAGE provided by sponsorship from a number of institutions, and in some cases the Geoscience Society of New Zealand.

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1. The Scholarship shall be known as the New Zealand SAGE Scholarship.
2. The Scholarship shall be awarded by the Committee of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand (Inc.) to the applicant who is most likely to benefit from attendance at the SAGE program, and to advance practical aspects of geophysics in his or her subsequent career. These two factors shall in general be given equal weighting in evaluating applications.
3. To be eligible for the Scholarship, an applicant:
(a) must have completed undergraduate qualifications sufficient for post-graduate study in geophysics; and
(b) must have arranged to undertake a postgraduate degree at a New Zealand university embodying geophysical study of relevance to New Zealand; and
(c) must have either completed or arranged to complete a significant amount of degree study in New Zealand.
Except in exceptional circumstances, an award shall not be made more than once to the same person.
4. The Society will call for applications to the SAGE Scholarship late in the year preceding the award. Nomination of an applicant must be made, either by the applicant or on the applicant's behalf, to the Awards Subcommittee Chair by 1 February each year. The nomination must be accompanied by evidence of merit and a statement of the arrangements that have been made for further study.
5. In early February each year, the Awards Subcommittee Chair shall convene a SAGE Subcommittee to evaluate the SAGE applications. The SAGE Subcommittee may also seek nominations for the Scholarship. The SAGE Subcommittee shall, after considering the merits of the applicants, recommend to the Committee which of the eligible applicants is most likely to benefit from attendance at the SAGE program, and to advance practical aspects of geophysics in his or her career. The Committee shall then decide the winning applicant. Members of the SAGE Subcommittee shall not be eligible for the Scholarship.
6. The scholarship will normally be awarded annually and the winner announced in March of each year; but if, in the opinion of the Committee, no applicant has sufficient merit, the scholarship shall not be awarded.
7. The Scholarship shall be funded by sponsorship donations received from institutional stakeholders and from the Geoscience Society of New Zealand General Account.
8. The value of the Scholarship shall be decided annually by the Committee, reflecting the funds available and the costs involved in attending SAGE, and shall be included on the notice calling for applicants.
9. If the Scholarship is not awarded, any sponsorship donations shall be held over for the next SAGE Scholarship award in the following year.
10. If in any year, sponsorship donations exceed the amount that Committee awards for the Scholarship, then the surplus shall be either held over for the next SAGE Scholarship award in the following year, or, with the permission of the sponsoring institutions, deposited in accounts for other Geoscience Society of New Zealand awards.

The nomination template is here .
Due date as advertised.

NZ SAGE Scholarship recipients




Clarrie Macklin
Not awarded  
Sam Taylor-Offord

Ashleigh Fromont

Ben Ross
Anton GulleyAuckland
Not awarded
2011 Richard Davy Victoria


Katharina Unglert



Not awarded


Jessica Johnson



Not awarded



Not awarded



Anna Leslie



Not awarded



Emma Davies



Michelle Salmon



Huw Horgan



Michael Finnemore