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Misc. Pub. Series

The following list includes all known GSNZ Miscellaneous Publications (if anyone can fill in the blanks, please let the website editor know!). Abstracts from recent Annual Conferences can be downloaded as pdf files.

Only a few copies of recent Miscellaneous Publications are held by GSNZ for sale. GSNZ retains archive copies of out of print Miscellaneous Publications. They can also probably be found in all good NZ science and geological libraries. Please contact the GSNZ administrator for enquiries regarding the sale of Miscellaneous Publications.

 MP120 Author: Burge, P.I., Shulmeister, J., Turney, C. 2006 Description: Auckland 10-11 February 2006. 32p.  2006 Australasian INTIMATE meeting, Human Sciences Building, University of Auckland 
 MP046A Author: Campbell, H.J.; Campbell, J.D.; MacFarlan, D.A.B. 1990 Description: 53 p.  2nd International Brachiopod Congress, field excursion NZ4. Permian-Triassic-Jurassic Brachiopod faunas in Southland and South Otago, New Zealand 
 MP102 Author: Gage, M.; Nathan, S. 1999 Description: 52 p.  A geologist remembers: recollections of fieldwork 
 MP034 Author: Stewart, M. (comp.) 1986Description: held from the 3rd-5th September 1986. [Christchurch]. 50 p.  Abstracts from the Lower Paleozoic Workshop 
 MP057 Author: Simmons, S.F.; Browne, P.R.L. 1991 Description: (Guide book for North Island field tour; IGCP project 294)  Active Geothermal Systems of the North Island New Zealand. 
  GSNZ Misc Pub 51 Thompson, B.N.; Hayward, B.W. (compilers) 1991. Bibliography of New Zealand earth science excursion guides, 1891-1990. GSNZ Misc Pub 51, 85 pp. Download 490kb Excel file. 595 field guides are categorised by author, year, title, source, conference, conference location, region,... Tell me more...
 Bibliography of field guides 1891-1990. 
 MP051 Author: Thompson, B.N.; Hayward, B.W. (compilers) 1991 Description: 85 p. (download as 490KB xls file)  Bibliography of New Zealand earth science excursion guides, 1891-1990 
 MP113 Author: Nathan, S.; Thompson, B.N.; Hayward, B.W. (compilers) 2002 Description: 2nd edition (up to December 2000). Read info page and download  Bibliography of New Zealand earth science theses 
 MP042 Author: Hayward, B.W.; Shelley, D.; Thompson, B.N. (eds.) 1989Description: 128 p.  Bibliography of New Zealand earth science theses (up to December 1987) 
 MP043B Author: Isaac, M.J.; Brook, F.J.; Ruddock, R.S.; Smith, I.E.M. 1989 Description: 13 p.  Cape Karikari - Doubtless Bay field trip guide 
 MP040 Author: Fleming, C.A.; Kermode, L.O.; Northcote-Bade, J.; Sprli, K.B. 1988Description: 24 p.  Carle's biography of Ferdinand von Hochstetter 
 MP094 Author:Grapes, R.; Goh, A. 1997 Description: 14 p  Coastal Makara: geomorphology, geology and archaeology 
 MP016 Author: Anon. 1973Description: 6th-8th July, 1973. 44 p.  Conference on the New Zealand Cretaceous held at University of Auckland 
 MP048 Author: Lee, D.; Forsyth, J. 1991 Description: 63 p.  Earth science resource list 
 MP082 Author: Foster, P.; Lee, D.; Forsyth, J.; Aitken, J. 1996 Description: [Order from Daphne Lee, Dept. Geology, Otago Univ.]  Earth Science Resource List. 
 MP092 Author: Copeland, S.; Lee, D. 1996 Description: [Dunedin]. 127 p. Sold from Dunedin College of Education.  Earth shattering experiences: earth science activities for New Zealand schools. 
 MP033C Author: Cooper, R.A.; Bradshaw, M.A. 1985Description: Lower Paleozoic of Nelson-Westland. 42 p.  Excursion 3 
 MP121 Author: Steven A. Trewick & Matthew J. Phillips (Eds) Description: (download as 1.9 MB pdf file)  Extended abstracts for papers presented at the Geogenes III Conference, Wellington, 2006. 
 MP064 Author: Bussell, R.; Crosdale, P.; Duncan, B. 1993 Description: 20 p.  Field guide to Taranaki geology 
 MP039 Author: Sprli, K.B.; Aita, Y. 1988Description: Auckland. Workshop on radiolaria, University of Auckland, 2-3 July 1988. 27 p.  Field guide to Waipapa basement rocks, Kawakawa Bay 
 MP117B Author: Manville, V. (ed.) 2004 Description: 135 p.  Field Trip Guides, Geological Society of New Zealand / New Zealand Geophysical Society / 26th Annual Geothermal Workshop combined conference "GEO3", Taupo, New Zealand 
 MP046B Author: Lee, D.E. 1990 Description: 23 p.  Field trip NZ3 : Cenozoic Brachiopod Faunas of North Otago 
 MP017C Author: Milne, D. 1974 Description: 28th - 29th November 1974. 66 p.  Field trip to Wanganui Basin 
 MP109 Author: Mason, B.; Nathan, S. 2001 Description: 72 p.  From mountains to meteorites 
 MP025 Author: Smale, D. 1980 Description: a directory of equipment of interest to geologists in New Zealand. 42 p.  Geological equipment directory 
 MP118 Author: Hayward, B.W. 2005 Description: Our First 50 Years (download as 3.8MB pdf file)  Geological Society of New Zealand 1955-2005 
 MP124A Author: Convenor: Richard Wysoczanski 2008 23-26 Nov, Wellington: Programme & Abstracts (download as 2.7 MB pdf file)  Geological Society of New Zealand, New Zealand Geophysical Society, New Zealand Geochemical and Mineralogical Society joint conference 
 MP124B Author: John Begg, Robert Langridge, Russ Van Dissen, Timothy Little et al. 2008 Description: Geological Society of New Zealand, New Zealand Geophysical Society, New Zealand Geochemical and Mineralogical Society joint conference, 23-26 Nov, Wellington: Field Trip Guides See fieldtrip page for... Tell me more...
 Geological Society of New Zealand, New Zealand Geophysical Society, New Zealand Geochemical and Mineralogical Society joint conference, 23-26 Nov, Wellington 
 MP028 Author: Stevens, G.R.; Haronga, M.A. 1981 Description: 1 chart  Geological time scale 
 MP026 Author: Stevens, G.R.1980Description: Geological Time Scale (1st Edition).  Geological Time Scale (1st Edition) 
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