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Misc. Pub. Series

The following list includes all known GSNZ Miscellaneous Publications (if anyone can fill in the blanks, please let the website editor know!). Abstracts from recent Annual Conferences can be downloaded as pdf files.

Only a few copies of recent Miscellaneous Publications are held by GSNZ for sale. GSNZ retains archive copies of out of print Miscellaneous Publications. They can also probably be found in all good NZ science and geological libraries. Please contact the GSNZ administrator for enquiries regarding the sale of Miscellaneous Publications.

 MP014 Author: Anon. 1971 Description: 24th-25th June, 1971. 31 p.  Symposium on Torlesse Supergroup held at Victoria University of Wellington 
 MP103 Author: Berryman, K.R.; Pancha, A. 1999 Description: 21 March 1999.  The Wellington Fault in Long Gully : Hector day field trip 
 MP093 Author: Kidd, C.M. 1996 Description: More info: web search  Union list of archival, manuscript, and theses geological maps of New Zealand 
 MP041D Author: Houghton, B.F.; Latter, J.H.; Froggatt, P.C. 1988 Description: identifying the problem and practical measures to mitigate the risk. 54 p.  Volcanic hazard in New Zealand 
 MP056 Author: Anon. 1991 Description: programme and abstracts. 63 p.  Workshop: structural transition from Alpine Fault to Hikurangi Margin in space and time 
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