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"Volcanoes: A historical account and tribute to George Eiby and John Latter" is published by the Geoscience Society of New Zealand, in conjunction with GNS Science.

The original manuscript was written by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) scientists George A. Eiby and John H. Latter almost 30 years ago but, unfortunately, arrangements to have it commercially published in the early 1990s fell through. Subsequently the manuscript was passed to A. W. (Tony) Hurst, who in recent years has put in considerable effort to edit and otherwise prepare it for publication. To retain the original unique, compelling and accessible style of the manuscript it has not been updated to reflect the current state of knowledge and understanding in the field of volcanology. As such, it is best considered a tribute to the authors and an historic record of volcanology in the late 20th century, rather than an up-to-date monograph.

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