GSNZ Otago branch field trip

10:00 AM

Alpine House (under Croque-O-Dile Cafe), Botanic Garden, Dunedin
GSNZ Branch event

Dunedin Volcano Trail, Botanic Garden
Adam Martin (GNS Science, Dunedin)

Gentle uphill walk through Miocene volcanic stratigraphy. This particular 1-2 hr trip is aimed at those with a geology background, rather than the general public.

Begin at Alpine House (under Croque-O-Dile Cafe) 10am rain or shine, dress appropriately.

Before the trip, let GSNZ Otago Branch shout you a hot drink: assemble from 9.30am in Croque-O-Dile Cafe and identify yourself as a geologist to the counter staff.

More information on the Dunedin Volcano Trail is available on the Dunedin Botanic Garden website.