Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington branch public lecture: POSTPONED

6:00 PM
7:00 PM

Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus, Hunter Building, Lecture Theatre HU119
Partner organisation event

The Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch and Te Kawa a Māui School of Maori Studies, Victoria University of Wellington will jointly host a free public lecture on the Foxton Moa Hunter site, to be given by Dr. Bruce McFadgen

Earthquakes can be a benefit or a disaster. Much of our infrastructure and population occupy low-lying land near the sea; e.g. the Southwest Coast of the North Island, and people are concerned about the hazards of living near the water. The prehistoric environment is an essential part of archaeological information, and archaeological remains can provide an historical perspective for the landscape as it is today. Hazards include earthquakes, tsunamis, coastal erosion, and the burial of settlements, gardens, and resources by sand dunes.

One way to better understand such hazards is to know what happened in the past, and learning from Maori experience is very relevant to modern society to prepare for future events.

This evening's talk will discuss an archaeological site in the southern Manawatu, which was badly affected by a significant earthquake several hundred years ago; the effects of the earthquake on the Southwest coast of the North Island, and implications for modern settlement.

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