GSNZ Hochstetter Lecture - Auckland

7:00 PM

National tour or event

2021 Hochstetter Lecture: Encouraging plural methods and values as the foundation for cross-cultural research collaborations by Daniel Hikuroa

Encouraging cross-cultural research collaborations in the natural hazards and earth system sciences is the central theme of this Hochstetter lecture. We will offer perspectives as insider-outsider researchers on completed as well as ongoing research projects with iwi and hapū authorities. We will also reflect on research framing, inductive methodologies and collaborative methods of inquiry when working at the interface between mātauranga Māori and science. The way projects were initiated, planned, approved, managed, and delivered will be shared, including discussion of research ethics, cross-disciplinary research personnel, and commitments to relationships before partnerships. We hope the presentation will clarify the multiple benefits to be gained by learning from differences in knowledge, practice, and belief, and how engaging in this work can help to promote “plural spaces” of learning about natural hazards and environmental processes in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

The lecture will be delivered as a zoom webinar. In case you are not familiar with the webinar format, as compared to a zoom meeting, for a webinar the audience is not visible (so no need to dress up) but you can type any questions for the speaker into the Q&A stream at any point during the webinar although these will most likely be addressed at the end of the talk. It is unfortunate we could not host this for a more audiovisually interactive Q&A hui but between the GSNZ branch, Geoclub and the Auckland Museum Institute our numbers could exceed those possible in the meeting format.

Contact: Jennifer Eccles