GSNZ Auckland branch meeting

7:15 PM
9:00 PM

Epsom Community Centre, 200 Gillies Avenue, Epsom, Auckland
GSNZ Branch event

How tectonic and surface processes interact to shape our landscape

The landscape that we see today is a result of complex surface processes (e.g., fluvial, glacial and marine) and deeper-Earth tectonics that result in faults, volcanism and continental drift. 3D computer models, constrained by field observations, are used to unravel the complex relationships between surface processes and tectonics.

These models are used to predict where tectonic driving forces result in deformation-induced weakening of rock masses and the formation faults and other geological structures. This talk will focus on surface processes and tectonics in some of the world’s collisional settings such as the stunning environments of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Taiwan and the Himalaya where rapid uplift combines with vigorous climate regimes to create dynamic landscapes.

This talk by Phaedra Upton was due to take place in 2020 and had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions.