GSNZ Auckland branch meeting

7:15 PM

Epsom Community Centre, 200 Gillies Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

Insights into volcanic risk from Auckland to the Antilles, Andes and Arabia.
Repeat of her inaugural professorial lecture by Prof Jan Lindsay, University of Auckland.

In her presentation Professor Lindsay will take you on a journey around the world to some amazing volcanoes that she has had the pleasure to research, and also acknowledge those who she has had the privilege of working with during her career. A consistent focus of her research has been on improving societal resilience to volcanic hazards – in the early years by better understanding magmatic and volcanic processes, and in more recent years by developing and testing techniques for effective communication between scientists and stakeholders, including through volcanic hazard maps. Insights from Professor Lindsay’s research and her experiences highlight the value of collaborative, user-centered approaches to natural hazard risk research, and importance of good science communication, especially during a crisis.