A Continent on the Move (2nd edition): New Zealand Geoscience Revealed


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Editor: Ian J. Graham
Year: 2015
Edition: Second
Format: Hardcover
Series: GSNZ Miscellaneous Publication
Series volume: 141
ISBN: 978-1-877480-47-8
ISSN: 2230-4487

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A Continent on the Move is an award-winning book that explores the dynamic worlds of New Zealand and the submerged realm of Zealandia, their natural geological wonders, bounties, and dangers. The book is distributed and available through Bateman Books here.  A discount of $10 is available to GSNZ members by contacting Bateman Books by email: info@batemanbooks.co.nz. Please quote your GSNZ membership number when emailing. You can see your membership number by viewing your profile on the gsnz website.

In acknowledging the achievements of New Zealand’s geoscientists, from the founding of the country through to the present day, the book shows how geoscientific research can lead to a safer and more comfortable existence for all. Written in a relatively non-technical but scientifically literate style, the book contains more than 700 stunning photographs and images in colour that allow readers of all backgrounds to readily grasp the scientific concepts and issues relating to New Zealand’s geological history and resulting landforms.

Retaining the key ingredients of the first edition, and updated throughout with respect to recent scientific advances, this second edition contains several new articles and references to the devastating Canterbury earthquakes and to recent volcanic eruptions. As well, there are new sections on the topical subjects of mine safety, fracking, deep-sea exploration and drilling, ocean warming, adapting to climate change, designing safer foundations, megathrust earthquakes, frontier minerals, and "slow" landslides.