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The GSNZ supports and publishes a large range of geological books, field guides, maps, newsletters, and other resources specific to Aotearoa New Zealand geoscience. Many of these are available for free download, while others are available for purchase directly or indirectly from this website.

To be able to purchase items from the website you will need to login to the website, or register if you have not previously logged in. 

Our most popular book is the award-winning A Continent of the Move (featured in the image on the right). It is a beautifully-illustrated summary of the present knowledge of Aotearoa New Zealand geosciences with over 130 contributing authors.

A very popular resource is the Field wallet, a pocket-sized quick reference tool for geoscience fieldwork.


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A Continent on the Move is an award-winning book that explores the dynamic worlds of New Zealand and the submerged realm of Zealandia, their natural geological wonders, bounties, and dangers.